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What we can do?

ZASCO has a vision of becoming a global company, the number one trusted symbol in the field of blockchain technology and the crypto market.

In the early stages, ZASCO aims to become the largest and most efficient blockchain technology and crypto investment community in Vietnam. The next stage, ZASCO will focus on developing technology products related to the blockchain field and bring the products to users in Vietnam in particular and the world in general.

Coming to ZASCO, you will be provided with comprehensive communications, education, investment services and participation in blockchain technology centers around the world.

Together we go up


Our mission: To provide simple and effective solutions to increase knowledge and assets of our customers.

Our slogan is “Together we go up”. Together we go up, together we grow and achieve accomplishments.

We are committed to bringing true value to our customers. In ZASCO, every product must be a perfect gift.

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The core values of ZASCO

Creative – Pioneer – Energy – Quality

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ZASCO is committed to providing the best value and best service to investors, traders, businesses and those interested in Blockchain – Crypto Currency.

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The workmanship of ZASCO is: The effort to increase the assets and the practical benefits of customers is our development goal.

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ZASCO is a collection of highly qualified, experienced professionals. All staffs are always enthusiastic in work, aiming to provide customers with professional services, high quality.

Zasco News

ZASCO NEWS will be a news channel, comprehensive information on the development of blockchain technology, ICO market, Vietnam and international crypto market.

In addition, this is an analytical channel, assessing the situation of the crypto market to provide the best directions for investors who are entering the market.

Magazine CoinTintin

With CoinTintin, ZASCO would like to introduce readers interested in blockchain technology in a magazine online and print. CoinTintin will be the latest, most accurate channel that reflects the evolution of blockchain technology, the ICO market, international crypto market.

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Trade Coin

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Zasco Group

Zasco Tech

With the slogan Together we go up, we have researched and designed the most convenient technology applications for our customers, ensuring that customers receive the most useful information and advice all the time. everywhere.

In the future we will bring more integrated technology products into the decentralized system of blockchain.

Zasco Academy

ZASCO ACADEMY will provide courses on blockchain knowledge, ICO investment and investment techniques. In addition to the courses, the institute also offers special coaching programs for individual learners. Practical knowledge, experience situations will help learners to apply quickly in practice.

ZASCO TRADE+ Coaching: A special training program for all investors who want to learn about blockchain technology and invest in the crypto market.


Learning and practicing classification, crypto selectivity, ico.

Develop a capital flow management strategy.

Proficiency in basic graph analysis techniques.

Confident trading on reputation exchanges crypto.

Zasco Capital

ZASCO CAPITAL is one of the highlights that ZASCO wants to send to the investment market crypto. For an investor, investing in and trading in the market is extremely difficult, potentially very risky.

Researched, selected and evaluated carefully, the products that ZASCO CAPITAL investment has achieved impressive results on profit. In the future, ZASCO CAPITAL will become one of the strongest investment funds in Asia.

Zasco Media

ZASCO MEDIA is the channel to launch events, marketing programs; the purpose is to connect the communities concerned about blockchain technology with the services and products of the active business in the blockchain field.

In addition, ZASCO MEDIA has regular events to introduce to the enthusiasts and interested in blockchain the updated news as well as applications of this technology in the future.





The workmanship of ZASCO is: The effort to increase the assets and the practical benefits of customers is our development goal.


The workmanship of ZASCO is: The effort to increase the assets and the practical benefits of customers is our development goal.

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